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Q-Critically evaluate the legacy of Pandit Nehru as the architect of modern India?


Introduction- Pandit Nehru from freedom fighet to first prime minister of Independent India was a visionary leader and an able statesman, he has left his impression in almost all spheres of India's socio cultural and political arena. He is famously known as Architect of modern India because of contribution to the country.

Legacy of Nehru- 

  • Non-alignment
  • Panch Sheel
  • The leadership of the third world
  • Socialist-democratic values
  • Scientific advancement
  • Temples of Modern India

Failures/Criticisms of Nehru

  • Foreign policy w.r.t. China & Kashmir
  • Misuse of political power in Kerala and Tamil nadu
  • Promotion of Nepotism/dynasty rule
  • Failure on corruption and land reforms